Truong Yen festival in Ninh Binh

Truong Yen festival
Truong Yen festival

Truong Yen Festival is held annually from the 8th – 10th March of the lunar calendar as the occasion for the local people to remember King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Le Dai Hanh.

Greeting ceremony
In the most solemn moment in Marth 10th, the greeting group starts from King Dinh Tien Hoang’s Temple and move towards Hoang Long River. Upon reaching the River, the group get on boats, on of which is the dragon boat. This dragon boat will then row to the middle of the River to perform the ceremony, and then people throw papiers votifs down to the river to show their gratitude to Hà Bá (the God of water). After that, the host of the ceremony throws a circle made of cloth onto the river. People then take water from this circle and pour into a big jar (covered by a piece of red cloth over its pot mouth). Then the boats row back except for the boat that carries the big jar (since it has to move to the left before row back). The group then continues its route back to the Temple.

Truong Yen festival
Truong Yen festival

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Worshipping ceremony
This ceremony takes place at night at the two temples: Temple of King Dinh and King Le. The host of the ceremony makes a worshipping speech, which is divided into nine paragraphs. After each of the paragraphs is finished, a man and a woman will sing a ca trù tune in order to explain what the host has just said. At the end of the ceremony, visitors may go for sightseeing and move in the temple to worship.
Visitors can also take part in fun games and activities like martial art, boat racing, singing chầu văn (a traditional way of singing), making poems, and many other traditional activities.
A special feature of Truong Yen Festival is the “Cờ Lau Tập Trân” activity that represents the childhood of Dinh Bo Linh in Truong Yen.
This is a chance for people to show their respect to their ancestor and also to ask for happiness and luck.