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Duc Thanh Nguyen Temple is an ancient temple in Gia Tien and Gia Thang Communes, Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh Province. The temple is a place for worshipping Nguyen Minh Khong, the celebrity born on this land under Ly dynasty.

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About Duc Thanh Nguyen

Nguyen Minh Khong was born on October 15, 1065. After his death (in 1141), he was appointed by the Ly dynasty as Ly Quoc Su (the monk who was the head of the Ly dynasty in the history of Vietnam) . Thanks to many great contributions in the healing of King Ly and the people, he and Tran Hung Dao were honored by the Vietnamese people as the saints: Duc Thanh Nguyen, Duc Thanh Tran.

Nguyen Minh Khong was the mapper of the Ly dynasty. He studied and collected the knowledge of ethnic medicine. Every day, he studied for medicine in the Garden of Medicine to heal the strange disease for King Ly Than Tong and other people. In addition, he also learned the technique of heating, brewing copper to restore the bronze casting – the essence of the civilization of Dong Son – ancient Vietnamese civilization. He was educated profoundly, a good physician, a Zen master, and then from a monk in Trang An hometown, he was invited to the Thang Long to become Quoc Su – a clergy leader in domestic.

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About Duc Thanh Nguyen temple

Duc Thanh Nguyen temple is an ancient temple in Diem village, former Trang An (now Gia Thang commune, Gia Tien district, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province). The temple was built on the foundation of a pagoda named Vien Quang, founded by Nguyen Minh Kham in 1121. When he passed away, the people of Dam Xa remembered turning Vien Quang Pagoda into the temple of Duc Thanh Nguyen. Duc Thanh Nguyen temple was listed as National Artistic Architecture Monument in February 1989.
The temple was built on the foundation of the temple named Vien Quang, founded by Nguyen Minh Khong in 1121. The temple is considered as a relic of “Hoa Lu 4 guardians”, built in “Noi cong ngoai quoc” (Internal attack with outside support) style, including Vong Lau with a stone lamp height of more than one meter, 5 rooms of Tien Duong, and the Chinh Tam, an ironwood two-story bell tower with eight roofs. The bell tower hung a bell weighing more than 1 ton, 1.6 meters high.
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The Duc Thanh Nguyen Temple Festival takes place from the 8th to 10th of the third lunar month. This is a chance for local people to express their gratitude to Nguyen Minh Khong. There are many interesting and attractive folk games during the festival.

The monument of Duc Thanh Nguyen Temple was recognised as a relic of art architecture by the Ministry of Culture and Information in 1989. Apart from historical value, the temple is also noted for its exceptional value by carving art and fine sculpture.

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