Van Trinh Cave


Van Trinh Cave covers approximately 4,000 square meters, and is recognized as one of the most attractive caves in Ninh Binh. It is situated in Mount Mo, Van Trinh Village, Thuong Hoa, Nho Quan District. To get to Van Trinh Cave, visitors need to go to the base of the mountain, move along its side, and climb 3m up.

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Van Trinh Cave is located in Mo Mountain (Wooden Bell Mountain), in Van Trinh hamlet; Thuong Hoa Commune, Nho Quan district. The cave, which still keeps its natural beauty with the purity and simplicity of the stone, is both accessible by boat from Kenh Ga and car along the Dyke of Hoang Long River. With an area of around 3,500 square meters, Van Trinh Cave is the biggest dry cave of Ninh Binh consisting of two connected caves. 

General information of Van Trinh cave in Ninh Binh

Van Trinh Cave has many stalactites that take on various forms which give it a spiritual and artistic feel. There is a small hole located on the opposite side of the stalactites it is called the ‘living entrance’. Families who are childless often touch the stalactites for good luck.

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Van Trinh Cave has 2 grottos adjacent to it. One of the grottos is Hang Ca Grotto, which is segmented into two sections by many stones. Looking up from the grotto, visitors will be mesmerized by various shapes. The grotto has a spacious area inside that can accommodate many tourists. The spacious area and many stone formations make visitors feel like they are inside a castle.

Once inside the cave, visitors will be greeted by stunning stalactites in different shapes and sizes. The cave measures 7m high, 10m widthwise, and a 1m segment that separates the cave into two sections. Once you use your imagination when you look at the stone formations, you will see various historical characters coming to life. There is a pathway from the western area of the cave that leads to a grotto that is 6m high.

The beauty of Van Trinh cave

The background of the cave is decorated with numerous stalactites in various shapes. Tourists will also see various small stones that take on the shape of beans, eggs, or marbles. Scientists have concluded that the small stones were already in the cave since its formation. There is a local legend that states that the stones found inside the cave were used to grind plants and herbs that were later used in drinks to cure all sorts of ailments.

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Despite its popularity, Van Trinh managed to keep its natural beauty. With each step into the cave, visitors will uncover something new, experience something different, and be awed by the cave’s natural splendor. The whispers of water are heard while inside the cave. There is also an impressive pillar that connects the ground to the cave’s ceiling. The many rocks inside the cave take on the shape of a bodyguard or actors or anything that your imagination stirs. The cool air inside the cave keeps visitor cool in the summer.

Tourists can take pictures inside the cave.

Entrance fee: 100,000vnd/person

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